FOLSOM EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY (www.feaschool.com) is our fulltime Islamic school located adjacent to MCF at 381 S. Lexington Dr., Folsom, CA 95630.

ISHA TALKS - Daily, after the last prayer (Isha), Imam Aamir gives a short talk to the congregation.  Around 100 members of the congregation benefit from these talks daily. 

SUNDAY SCHOOL - Please click on the Sunday School link on our main page for more information on this program.  Classes geared for children of all ages run from 11 am to 1:30 pm weekly. 

NAZIRA - Maulana Meraj offers Quran classes Mon-Thurs from 5pm - 7pm for children of most age groups.  

SECOND JUMA SERVICES - School going youth who miss the first Juma because of school timings have the alternative of attending the Second Juma at 3:45 pm.

Future Classes Planned - Now that we have our own facility, there will be more classes offered in the near future.  Please watch this space.



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For our sister organization, the full-time Islamic School, please go to FEAschool.com