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MCF Ramadan Logistics

Daily Iftar
Inshallah we will have daily Iftar arrangements in the masjid and for dinner sandwich/burger can be purchased at the masjid from Falafel corner for $5

Weekend Iftar and Dinner
Every weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday inshallah we will have family Iftar and dinner arrangements in the masjid sponsored by members of our community. If anyone is interested in signing to sponsor weekend Iftar dinner at the masjid, please sign with name and phone on signup sheets posted in masjid. 
MCF Security
With recent situation around the globe, MCF have taken extra measures to improve our security during Taraweeh everyday during Ramadan.
  A.  We hired 2 armed security guard to monitor our facility while we are paying Taraweeh. We will also use additional volunteers to help increase security around our MCF building. Signup sheet will be posted for volunteers to help with security. 
B. This will be night curfew after 10:30pm everyday, everyone including youth and children needs to be inside MCF building. Please avoid socializing outside MCF building all the time and specially after 10:30pm. If you are requested by security personnel to follow the MCF guidelines, please respect our request and oblige. For any issues or concerns please contact MCF security team lead Br. Tahmid or any board member.
Weekend Baby Sitting
We will provide babysitting facility for Taraweeh during Ramadan only on Weekends ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday ) from before Isha to 11:30pm please use this babysitting facility and keep small children in babysitting room.
Please use lakeside church overflow parking on back side of MCF as much as possible. Please be respectful and don’t block driveway while parking on street in our neighborhood.
Ramadan Children Programs
Similar to last year we also have lot of programs planned in Ramadan for kids and youth with exciting prices to motivate them to keep fast and increase their piety. More updates will be posted soon.
MCF Community Iftar
MCF community Iftar will be on May 26th at Folsom Community Center. More updates to follow.....



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