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MCF Ramadan(+More) Youth Programs

MCF Ramadan Youth Programs

MCF Jeopardy - On Fridays and Saturdays in Ramadan, MCF Jeopardy will be held in the men’s prayer area 30 minutes before Isha salat for all youth.

First Fast! - Children who fast a whole day for the first time can sign-up to receive a special T-Shirt, prize pack, and recognition in front of the community. Please register here: First Fast! registration  . Please register by May 20th 

First time fasting whole month - Youth under 18 years of age who fast all days in Ramadan (or as many as possible) for the first time are eligible to receive a prize. Please see registration form for full details. Please register here: First time fasting whole month registration Please register by May 27th

Completing Quran within Ramadan - Youth under 18 years of age who complete reading/recitation of the entire Quran within this month of Ramadan are eligible for a prize. Please register here: Youth Quran Completion registration  .Please register by May 27th.

Pledge to Pray at least 8 rakat Tarawih! - Youth under 14 years of age that pray at least 8 rakat Tarawih during the whole month of Ramadan (or as many days as possible) are eligible for a prize. Parents are asked to ensure their children are praying correctly. Please register here: Pledge to Pray 8!.  . Please register by May 27th

Ramadan Accomplishment Form for kids under 10 - On these forms, kids can track the good acts they undertake during the month. All kids who print and submit these forms are eligible to receive a prize. Forms can be submitted to any Masjid administration member (EC or WC) before May 27th. Register here!

Link to Form: Ramadan Accomplishment Form


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