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Coronavirus/COVID19 concerns - MCF update

All masjid activities are postponed until further notice

This includes: Daily Salat, Jumuah Salat, Sunday School, Other classes & activities.

[Updated 3/17/20]  Please reach out to [contact@mcfolsom.com] if you have any questions.

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More Info about MCF response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19:

3/17/20 Update:

Considering the current Corona virus situation and government recommendations, MCF Board has decided to close the Masjid for any service including daily Salah. Please take all necessary precautions during this lock down period. May Allah keep all of us in His protection. Ameen

Based on the recommendation of government health officials and in consultation with local Ulama, Jumuah prayer is postponed at MCF until further notice.
Please pray regular Zuhar salah in your homes in place of Jummah salah.
All other social activities and educational classes at MCF are also postponed until further notice.

Daily salah in the Masjid will continue.
MCF Board is closely watching the situation and recommends the community to take extra precaution for the daily salah.
MCF requests seniors in the community, those who are sick, or have any family member sick at home, to avoid coming to Masjid and pray at home.
While coming to Masjid for Salah, please perform Wudu at home and if possible bring your own prayer mat from home.

To keep masjid environment clean and safe for the congregants, we are closing the main Men and Women Prayer Hall.
We have laid out tarps in MPR for men and backside hallway for women to offer daily salah in masjid. These tarps will be wiped and disinfected daily.

JazakAllahu Khair for your help and cooperation.
Please pray to Allah to forgive our sins and have His mercy and Blessings on all of us. Ameen.
May Allah سبحانه وتعالي protect us all from these sicknesses, and give Shifa to those who are unwell.

Click here for the CAIR announcement regarding Sacramento Valley Mosques to Cancel Jummah Prayers amid Corona virus Pandemic.

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